Thoughts on Buying YouTube Subscribers & Views

I was recently asked by a client of mine on whether he should buy YouTube subscribers and YouTube views for his new channel. When I asked him why, the reason he gave was simply because it is demotivating to make YouTube videos when you have zero audience.

Buy monetized YouTube Subscribers for Instant Gratification

In these days of instant gratification (I want everything, right now!), you really can’t blame monetization YouTubers who resort to buy subscribers. Afterall it is definitely quicker than growing YouTube subscribers organically. Growing 1000 real YouTube subscribers from scratch via proper YouTube intro and video SEO may take months. Buying 1000 legit YouTube subscribers can usually be done within days. The urge to buy is very attractive. Personally, I think new YouTubers who buy YouTube subscribers, buy YouTube views or even buy YouTube likes on a fresh account is ok. A little boost is not harmful to get you started. Moreover if you to buy subscribers and views from well known websites, it is unlikely for YouTube to flag your account. So it is pretty safe for your YouTube account.

1,000 Subscribers and 10,000 YouTube Views

However, once you are of a certain size, buying vanity YouTube metrics makes less sense. Especially if you plan to buy all the way to 1000 YouTube subscribers and 10000 YouTube views (now 4000 Watch hour instead) to enable YouTube monetization via YouTube Partner Program. The reason is YouTube actually checks if the majority of your metrics are fake when you apply for YPP. If more than 50% of your subscribers/views/likes are fake, chances are YouTube will reject your application. I’ve seen cases where YouTubers bought most of their subscribers and YouTubelets them slip through anyway. However, it is rare. That is why you should choose where you buy those metrics from carefully.

To Buy or not to Buy

Ultimately, the choice is yours. At the end of the day, what matters most is the content and the quality of your video. I’ve highlighted the pros and cons of buying YouTube views, subscribers and other YouTube metrics. Hopefully, it helps you make an informed decision.