Facebook Likes to be in the Spotlight

Another day, another spotlight on Facebook. This time, FaceBook acknowledged that a recent password leak affected millions of Instagram users. It seems like FaceBook is having a streak of bad luck: political ads, leaked passwords, bots, fake accounts to buy facebook likes and even outages. The exposure to the password is part of the security breach reported by Krebs on Security for the first time last month. Admitting the security blunder, Facebook said the company it had stored on its internal servers passwords of millions of users in plain text. It baffles me as to why huge Internet companies like FaceBook is storing passwords in plain text in 2019. It is just a disaster waiting to happen.

When the incident took place, it was estimated that the bug affected “ten thousands” of Instagram users. However, in an updated blog post, Facebook has confirmed that the issue has affected “millions of Instagram users.” Moreover, according to the company, it has also affected “hundreds of millions” of Facebook Lite users and “ten million other Facebook users.” However, how many millions of people were affected is not noted anywhere, but even one million is still an enormous number.

If you are on Facebook or Instagram, I would recommend that you change your passwords, even if you haven’t been notified by Facebook yet. Heck, I would even recommend that you join the #deleteFaceBook bandwagon. Not only you would be safer from being hacked, you would also be safer from wasting your precious time on Facebook.