.htaccess Generator

The purpose of this site is to help webmasters secure websites by making .htaccess file creation simplified. The concept is to make it so simple that anyone can quickly and easily create a file that blocks IPs, user agents, and much more!

No more learning the arcane Apache syntax, digging through documentation that leaves you scratching your head.

Just fill in the blanks, click “Generate .htaccess file” and copy and paste the results into an .htaccess file located in a folder on your server.

It’s as simple as that!

HTACCESS Tools Support

If you run into any trouble, have any suggestions, or just want to chat:

  • Drop an email to ‘bill’ at this domain name.
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HTML 5 & Responsive Design

Try resizing the browser or run this site on your tablet or smart phone and you’ll notice that the site works damn near anywhere! This is because this site was built using HTML 5 and Twitter Bootstrap which is very cool. Try it, we think you’ll like it!I’ve got some ideas rolling around in my head for a tool to help speed up building multi-column sites using Twitter Bootstrap so let’s see if I get around to doing it later.