LinkedIn followers just for Professionals?

Google for LinkedIn, and you will find that LinkedIn is defined as “business and employment-oriented service that operates via websites and mobile apps” or “social network for professionals” or even “social networking site designed specifically for the business community”. That may be what LinkedIn original sets off to do. What nobody is telling you is how this is quickly evolving!

Upsurge of Celebrities Who Buy Linkedin Followers

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are renowned to host marketing influencers with fraudulent followers and paid engagements. LinkedIn has been under the radar so far but a search on Google reveals what I suspected – LinkedIn personalities are no different. Google AppSally ‘buy LinkedIn followers’, ‘buy LinkedIn connections’, ‘how to buy LinkedIn likes’, ‘buying LinkedIn comments’ and ‘paid LinkedIn endorsements’ and the result quickly shows who are the services providers who sell these services.

Globally there are lots of options for service providers. All of them are shamelessly promoting that buying LinkedIn followers is a normal business practice, and a fast way to develop your company and profile. Each and every metric is for sale: likes, supporters, remarks, endorsements, video opinions, supporters of business pages, suggestions, shares and links. And they are pretty proficient at delivering – 5,000 supporters or 200 likes or remarks within 7 to 14 days, $199. Now I can’t imagine who their clients may be. Well-known celebrities, business people and companies?

Celebrities on LinkedIn with Tons of LinkedIn Followers

To clarify very clearly, I’m not saying these celebrities are the one who buy LinkedIn followers, or buy LinkedIn likes. These celebrities merely has tons of LinkedIn followers and their account is verified. So you shouldn’t have problem to follow them on LinkedIn.

  • Jennifer Lopez features a profile on her latest efforts and lifelong roles: “mother, partner, actor, singer, producer of film and television … and bestseller.”
  • Jessica Alba promotes The Honest Company, her health and lifestyle company.
  • Shaquille O’Neal is not so much about his career as an NBA legend, but more about his subsequent efforts.
  • Barack Obama isn’t exactly a celebrity by profession, but he is definitely one by popularity.