Spotify Success – Plays & Followers

As of February 2020, Spotify is the world’s leading #1 on-demand music streaming service by number of paid subscribers – 124 million, ahead of 120 million from its closest competitor QQ Music.

Clearly being on Spotify increases the odds of being heard by millions of paying fans and Spotify followers incrementally, especially as people add your songs to their playlists.

But how do you ensure Spotify plays, with a special focus on growing Spotify playlist followers instead of having to resort to buying Appsally Spotify followers? Read on, as we provide 3 quick tips to get Spotify plays and playlist followers.

Tip #1: Have a Complete Spotify Artist Profile 

One of the foremost steps you can take towards ensuring a strong fan base that regularly tunes in to your music is to have a robust Spotify artist profile page. This tip comes straight out of Spotify promotion guide. I’m just going to add that this includes professionally shot profile photo, compelling story and most importantly basic verification (such as through your Twitter account) that grants a coveted blue checkmark against your profile, akin to what we see on verified Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts, among others.

When users see you as a verified Spotify artist, their chances of following you, playing your music, and adding it to their playlists increases exponentially.

Tip #2: Seek out Spotify Followers

Surely you’ve not overlooked YouTube content producers who frequently ask their viewers to subscribe to their channels or be their playlist follower in Spotify? In this situation, feel free to ask your fans to be your Spotify followers. That may be on your social networking messages, casual encounters such as radio, other media contacts, signatures appended to your emails, and so on.

Remember that once ardent fans are made aware of your presence on Spotify, they will go out of their way to seek you out on the platform – you simply need to convey to them the fact that you are indeed present on it.

Tip #3: Cash in on Dedicated Playlist Followers Sites  

There are tons of websites devoted Spotify playlists. As a artist who is eager to expand your Spotify fan base, who plays your music frequently when adding it to their playlists, an effective action you may take is to cash in on dedicated playlist websites. Examples like, Sound Plate, etc.

Through these sites, along with appropriate mobile apps like “Playlist a Day”, you can easily have your own Spotify playlists listeners in front of new and random listeners. As they tune in, and if they like your music, their chances of becoming loyal fans grow exponentially.